Brisni LLovarez (Age 2)

Curaren, Honduras
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Provide clean water & sustainable greenspaces, end hunger, and promote carbon neutrality.

We help achieve the sustainable development goals of the United Nations through a variety of innovative practices and education opportunities.

Ironwood Initiatives:
Clean water, zero hunger, and life on land programs.

Black Baby Hands Under African Water Tap World Issue


To deliver and distribute CLEAN WATER filtration systems, reduce food insecurities through ZERO HUNGER initiatives, and affect a LIFE ON LAND platform to make a more habitable and viable planet.


To see the world become a better and healthier place by ENHANCING, BUILDING, and SUSTAINING peoples and areas of need throughout the world.


IRONWOOD INITIATIVES values are simple:
  • To whom much is given, much is expected
  • Leave the world a better place than you found it
  • If not now, then when?
  • The right path begins with YOU!
Where We Serve

All Global and Domestic Areas of Need

Clinica de Santa Maria, Reitoca, Honduras
Part of spacious room with sleeping places on wooden floor for refugees or temporarily homeless people because of war or cataclysm
Concept of food sharing for the poor to alleviate hunger : Hands of beggars accepting food from the hands of volunteers who come to help free food breaks

Medical Clinic, Reitoca, Honduras

The Republic of Honduras is the 2nd poorest country in the entire western hemisphere, and within its borders lies some of the world’s most resilient people. La Clinica de Santa Maria is comprised of some of the most resilient of them all, and through their hard work and efforts, Ironwood Initiatives was able to fund the distribution of food, hygiene supplies, and clothing to over 60 families in February of 2022. Enough food was distributed by the volunteers from the clinic to feed the entire village of EL Portillo for one full month. With the promise of food and clothing, the clinic was able to provide much-needed nutritional assessments and physicals to Over 100 children across the area.

What will be our next initiative?


With the economic outlook for the United States looking bleak, we are turning our attention to the Cincinnati area. We have several areas of interest, but with our hearts saddened when seeing struggling children, we will focus on filling the Hunger Gap, partnering with local food banks that concentrate on fulfilling the needs of school-age children.

We are in the process of reaching out to friends in a Knoxville, Tennessee area food bank, soup kitchen, and homeless shelter in order to make close connections with like-minded people to ensure any funds we receive from our donors are utilized in a manner that fits our mission.

United Nations

Sustainability Issues


People lacking safety-managed drinking water


People worldwide are suffering from hunger


Acres of forest are destroyed every year


People will be displaced by drought by 2030

Who We Work With:

NGOs, Universities, Corporations, Medical Clinics Domestic and Abroad, Foreign and Domestic Government Agencies, Local School Districts & Community Outreach Programs, as well as other Charities, Charitable Trusts and Foundations

Our Plan In Action

Real-World Impact

Ironwood Initiatives is in the business of giving hope, while showing appreciation for the bounty that the world has given to all of us. You Can Make a Difference!!! Just look below and you can see what hope looks like.

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U. N. Goals We Address


Make a true difference in the world.